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Halfstina of a Consumer Letdown

I scrape angst from the lint
trap, swat at mayflies buzz
ing past my ear, plink quarter
s in the drier, inspect the state
of hopes ripped at tonight’s party.
Sweaty thoughts drip: rags on a cable.

My eyes wander to squareheaded cable
newsmen gushing words valuable as lint-
filled wallets. Such-and-so Party
candidate’s seedy past incites buzz
: rabid pamphlets circulate every state!
Who’s to blame for poor economic quarter!

NBA Finals, second quarter
of Game One, brought to me by cable
TV! Loud ’n well-fed Charles Barkley: state
ly dressed goofball!
Bellybutton lint
bust of Jesus: bidding ends soon! Buzz
Aldrin attends NBC Emmy party!

My throat fills with lint, inducing media buzz.
Wet dreams dry in dark quarters, attain a moldy state.
Televised spring break party chokes me with cable.