Greg Daughtry


the fuck are you lookin at               didn’t give two shits about me when I was alive               so I don’t have a clue what you’re thinkin now               what else do you want from me               you want my ride               fuck it go get it               shit’s still just rusting in my back yard               you want my bling               my chains and my rings               fuck it you can have em                they’re yours for the taking if you can find my cousin Devin               he won’t wear just one necklace or one diamond               little shit wears ALL my gold every damn day like he’s the crown prince of P-Town               you want my girl               you can have that slut if you can drag her away from all my supposed friends’ cocks               fuckin back-stabbers               you want my glock               break into the police station and steal it for all I care               like all that shit matters to me now               please

say what you want about me               say I’m dirty, that I’m white trash               call me a wigger               everyone else did               you think I ain’t heard that before               calling me a white nigger and then claiming you ain’t racist               saying I’m white so I shouldn’t act black               narrow-minded motherfuckers               you trying to say all black people act the same               fuck you               you’re blind               look around you               like your black friends don’t count as black               like their money bought them a new race               no way man               rich black kids gave me that same stink eye rich white kids gave me               no man, I’ll tell you what’s up               real hate ain’t just about skin color                when poor kids finally make it to the top               finally get their share               that’s what kills you              

so you kill them

when I could finally               fuckin finally               afford to support my little girl, the cops had to come               had to bust me for selling herbs               I booked out the back door               pigs chasing me fast as fuck toward the highway               looked back               saw their eyes get big

didn’t even see the truck that hit me              

fucking typical               couple years later my death became a joke for rich kids               and a lesson plan for DARE officers               who think they know something               get real

got nothing else to say, except that death makes us equal               peace faggots