Dan Savage: The Column and the Lovecast

Post date: May 1, 2010 12:23:47 AM

I pick up the RiverFront Times whenever I can, and always make a note to flip toward the back -- through the phone sex ads and strip club classifieds -- to read Savage Love, a sex & relationship advice column by Dan Savage.

A proudly flamboyant Seattle-based columnist, Savage's witty writing is both hilarious and sharp as a knife, and his no-bullshit advice is refreshing . . . so much bolder and all-encompassing than what you'd find in Ask Amy. I could be wrong, but I can't recall Amy Dickinson responding to any letters about what factors into semen taste and volume, suggestions on how to initiate a threesome, or what would be a good book to read to learn more about polyamory. And she's sure as hell not going to cuss at her readers in disgust for their stupidity. So it was a pleasant surprise a few weeks ago to discover that Savage also has a weekly podcast, known as the Savage Lovecast.Episodes range from 30 to 45 minutes and cover several print columns' worth of material in one go. To Savage's devout readers: I heartily suggest downloading a few episodes so you can hear the man behind the snarky letters. He invites some great doctors and sex industry experts as guests from time to time, and occasionally dips into politics as well. Some people interpret Savage as being just plain rude. Honestly, I think his attitude defines his charm, and is what makes him so listenable and thought-provoking. I've only subscribed for 3 weeks or so, and I've already plowed through 50+ episodes. You do the math . . . That's a lot of time spent. For me, listening to the wild calls he receives is both addicting and oddly empowering. So if you find yourself seeking love advice on anything from coping with a tough breakup to practicing safe bondage, or from determining your romantic compatibility with a partner to coming out of the closet to your extended family -- or if you just want to be entertained (and maybe a little shocked) -- give the Lovecast a listen.

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